Case Study: Performance Testing for DPD’s Package and Delivery Management Platform


Client: DPD
Industry: Courier and Logistics
Project Duration: 9 months
Services Provided: Performance Testing, Bottleneck Identification, Cyclic Performance Tests


DPD is one of the largest courier companies in the world, with 60,000 delivery experts delivering more than 4 million parcels daily across Europe’s largest road network and beyond. The company required performance testing for their newly developed package and delivery management platform to ensure it could handle high volumes of transactions efficiently.

Business Need

DPD needed to ensure their server infrastructure could support the newly developed package and delivery management platform, particularly under high load conditions. The goal was to identify and resolve performance bottlenecks to avoid potential downtime and ensure seamless operations.


Performance Scenario Creation

Our QA Expert created 55 performance scenarios to simulate various user interactions and workloads on the platform. These scenarios were designed to test the system’s limits and identify potential weaknesses under different conditions.

Bottleneck Identification

During the testing phase, 18 performance bottlenecks were discovered. These bottlenecks were critical points where the system’s performance degraded significantly under load, potentially leading to failures.

Cyclic Performance Tests

Over a period of 9 months, cyclic performance tests were conducted to continually assess the platform’s performance. These tests ensured that any new updates or changes to the system did not introduce new bottlenecks or performance issues.


Improved System Reliability

Through rigorous performance testing, all identified bottlenecks and issues were resolved. This proactive approach ensured that the platform could handle high traffic volumes without compromising performance.

Financial Savings

By fixing all performance issues, DPD avoided potential losses that could have amounted to millions due to the unavailability of the platform. The robust and reliable system ensured continuous operations, enhancing customer satisfaction and trust.

Enhanced Server Performance

The most critical servers and services, which initially failed eight times during the testing phase, were optimized to handle peak loads efficiently. This improvement ensured that the system could support the company’s extensive logistics operations without interruptions.


Comprehensive performance testing services played a crucial role in enhancing the reliability and efficiency of DPD’s package and delivery management platform. The systematic identification and resolution of performance bottlenecks ensured the platform’s stability, preventing potential financial losses and ensuring seamless service delivery.