Case Study: Rapid Testing for Leading US Vaping E-commerce Platform


Client: Leading US Vaping E-commerce Platform
Industry: E-commerce
Project Duration: 24 hours
Services Provided: Functional Testing, Usability Testing


A leading e-commerce platform in the US vaping industry approached QualityArk with an urgent requirement to test their new live platform within a 24-hour timeframe. The goal was to ensure a smooth launch by identifying and resolving any critical issues related to functionality and usability.


  • Time Constraints: Completing comprehensive testing within a tight 24-hour window.
  • Target Audience: Focusing on the US market and testing on relevant devices and browsers.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Ensuring thorough functional and usability testing within the limited time.


Understanding Requirements and Planning

Our team quickly gathered the client’s requirements and understood that their primary users were in the USA. We decided to focus our testing on the most popular mobile devices and browsers used by their target audience.

Device and Browser Selection

Based on market research and client input, we selected the following for our testing:

  • Mobile Devices: Several iPhone models and one Android model.
  • Browsers: Safari and Chrome.

Testing Execution

We executed a comprehensive testing plan that included:

  • Functional Testing: Ensuring all features of the e-commerce platform worked as intended.
  • Usability Testing: Evaluating the user experience and benchmarking against best practices in the e-commerce industry.

Reporting and Recommendations

Within the 24-hour timeframe, our team identified 26 errors and provided several recommendations for improving the user experience. We documented these findings in a detailed report and communicated them to the client for immediate action.


Key Findings

  • Error Identification: 26 functional and usability errors were identified, providing critical insights for immediate fixes.
  • User Experience Improvements: Recommendations were made to enhance the overall user experience, ensuring a smoother navigation and interaction for users.

Client Impact

The rapid and comprehensive testing enabled the client to address key issues before the platform’s live launch. This proactive approach helped in delivering a more reliable and user-friendly platform to their customers.


QualityArk’s efficient and thorough testing approach, combined with our ability to work under tight deadlines, ensured the successful launch of the client’s new live platform. Our focused strategy on relevant devices and browsers provided critical insights, enhancing the overall quality and user experience of the e-commerce platform.

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