Case Study: Test Automation for Cale’s Parking Solutions


Client: Cale
Industry: Parking Solutions
Services Provided: Test Automation, REST Services Testing, SOAP Services Testing, Custom Protocol Testing, Web Application Testing


Cale offers innovative and efficient parking solutions and has developed into a world-leading brand within the parking industry since its inception in 1955. To enhance the reliability and efficiency of their complex parking terminal systems, Cale sought to introduce test automation.

Business Need

Cale required the implementation of test automation for their complex system responsible for managing parking terminals. The goal was to reduce the time needed for regression testing and improve the overall efficiency and reliability of their system.


Comprehensive Test Automation

QualityArk implemented a comprehensive test automation strategy covering various aspects of Cale’s system:

  • Test Automation of REST Services: Automated testing of REST services over both HTTP and HTTPS protocols to ensure robust communication and data integrity.
  • Test Automation of SOAP Services: Automated testing of SOAP services over HTTP and HTTPS to validate the proper functioning of these services.
  • Custom Communication Protocol Testing: Automated tests for a custom communication protocol based on TCP to ensure seamless interaction within the system.
  • Web Services Automated Tests: Developed over 150 automated tests for web services, enhancing the testing coverage and reliability.
  • Custom Protocol Automated Tests: Created 20+ automated tests for the custom protocol to validate its performance and reliability.
  • Web Application Testing: Automated around 2000 tests for the web application using Selenium to ensure a seamless user experience and robust functionality.

Integration with Jenkins

To streamline the testing process and enable continuous integration, all automated tests were integrated with Jenkins. This integration allowed for automated test execution, continuous monitoring, and immediate feedback on the system’s performance.


Drastically Reduced Regression Time

The implementation of automated testing reduced the regression testing time from 2 weeks to just 1.5 days. This significant reduction in testing time allowed for faster release cycles and more efficient development processes.

Improved System Reliability

By automating comprehensive tests for various components, Cale’s system became more reliable and robust. The automated tests ensured that all functionalities worked as expected and any issues were promptly identified and addressed.

Enhanced Testing Efficiency

The integration of automated tests with Jenkins provided continuous testing capabilities, ensuring that the system remained stable and high-performing even with frequent updates and changes.


QualityArk’s test automation services significantly enhanced the efficiency and reliability of Cale’s parking solutions system. By implementing extensive automated tests and integrating them with Jenkins, QualityArk helped Cale achieve faster regression testing, improved system performance, and overall operational excellence.