Case Study: Ensuring Robust Security with Penetration Testing for an Internet Banking Client


Client: Confidential (Penetration Testing Client)
Industry: Banking and Finance
Project Duration: 1 month
Services Provided: Penetration Testing, Source Code Review, Vulnerability Assessment


In the highly sensitive and regulated banking industry, ensuring the security of internet banking applications is paramount. A confidential client in the banking sector partnered with QualityArk to perform comprehensive security tests on new features implemented in their internet banking web application. This case study outlines our approach to penetration testing, including a detailed source code review and web application testing, which resulted in identifying and mitigating critical security vulnerabilities.


  • Security of New Features: Ensuring the new features in the internet banking application were secure from vulnerabilities.
  • Comprehensive Scope: Conducting both source code review and web application testing to identify potential security risks.
  • Critical Vulnerability Identification: Detecting and addressing vulnerabilities that could compromise the security of the application.


Whitebox Testing and Source Code Review

Our engagement began with whitebox testing, which included a thorough review of the source code and testing the web application. This approach allowed us to understand the internal workings of the application and identify potential security flaws.

Source Code Review

During the source code review, we meticulously examined the application’s codebase to uncover vulnerabilities. This detailed analysis was crucial for identifying weaknesses that could be exploited by attackers.

  • Code Analysis: Reviewing the source code for common security issues such as injection flaws, insecure direct object references, and improper error handling.
  • Configuration File Review: Ensuring that sensitive information, such as credentials and configuration settings, were securely managed.

Web Application Testing

In parallel with the source code review, we conducted extensive web application testing. This involved simulating attacks on the application to identify and validate security vulnerabilities.

  • Penetration Testing: Performing manual and automated penetration tests to find vulnerabilities that could be exploited.
  • Vulnerability Assessment: Assessing the impact and risk of identified vulnerabilities.

Key Vulnerability Identified: Local File Inclusion

During the engagement, a critical Local File Inclusion (LFI) vulnerability was discovered. This flaw allowed any user of the web application to read local files, including application configuration files containing credentials to other subsystems.

  • Identification: The LFI vulnerability was initially found during the source code review.
  • Confirmation: The vulnerability was confirmed by replicating the issue in the working application, demonstrating its potential impact.


Mitigation of Critical Vulnerabilities

The identification and mitigation of the LFI vulnerability were crucial for enhancing the security of the internet banking application. By addressing this critical issue, we prevented potential unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Comprehensive Security Assessment

Our combined approach of source code review and web application testing provided a thorough security assessment, uncovering multiple vulnerabilities that were subsequently addressed.

Enhanced Security Posture

The engagement significantly improved the overall security posture of the client’s internet banking application, ensuring that new features were securely implemented and protected against potential attacks.

Client Collaboration and Communication

Throughout the testing process, we maintained regular communication with the client, providing detailed reports and recommendations for addressing identified vulnerabilities. This collaborative approach ensured that the client was fully informed and could take prompt action to enhance security.


QualityArk’s meticulous approach to penetration testing, including a detailed source code review and comprehensive web application testing, played a crucial role in securing the internet banking application for our confidential client. Our commitment to high standards and effective communication ensured that critical vulnerabilities were identified and mitigated, enhancing the overall security of the application.

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