Case Study: Enhancing Functionality and Security for Personit


Client: Personit
Industry: E-commerce
Project Duration: 2 months
Services Provided: Exploratory Testing, Regression Testing, Security Testing, Mobile Device Testing


Personit, a leading company in No-code/ Low-code, approached QualityArk to ensure their new application was ready for launch. With a limited time budget, our mission was to conduct thorough testing, identify critical issues, and ensure the application’s functionality and security before its final release.


  • Time Constraints: The project had a strict timeline, requiring efficient and effective testing strategies.
  • Security Concerns: Ensuring the application was secure from vulnerabilities, especially those that could grant unauthorized access to administrative privileges.
  • Functionality and Usability: Identifying and resolving functionality and usability issues to ensure a seamless user experience.
  • Mobile Device Optimization: Testing the application on various mobile devices to cater to the target user group.


Static Analysis

We began with an in-depth analysis of the project documentation through static tests. This initial phase allowed us to understand the application’s architecture and design, laying the groundwork for more focused testing.

Exploratory Testing

Given the limited time budget, we moved directly to exploratory testing. This approach enabled us to quickly identify potential issues and areas of concern. During this phase, we created bullet points that would later serve as checklists for future regression tests.

Communication and Documentation

All reported errors were meticulously documented and communicated to the client via the Notion platform, which facilitated seamless collaboration with the development team. This ensured comprehensive communication and efficient issue resolution.

Regression Testing

After addressing the issues identified during exploratory testing, we conducted thorough regression testing. This final testing phase aimed to ensure that all fixes were correctly implemented and that no new issues had been introduced.

Key Findings

  • Error Identification: Over 100 errors were identified, ranging from minor usability issues to critical functionality defects.
  • Security Vulnerabilities: Critical bugs were detected that could have allowed unauthorized access to administrator privileges. These were promptly reported and fixed, significantly enhancing the system’s security.
  • Functionality and Usability: Major functionality and usability issues were identified and resolved, ensuring a smoother user experience.


Increased Quality and Security

Our meticulous approach and thorough analysis led to the identification and resolution of critical issues before the application was released to users. This significantly increased the overall quality and security of the project.

Effective Communication

Regular updates and clear communication with the client ensured active monitoring and quick responses to potential problems. This collaborative approach fostered a strong partnership and effective problem-solving.

Optimized User Experience

By focusing on testing the product on various mobile devices, we ensured an optimal user experience tailored to the characteristics and preferences of the target user group.


QualityArk’s comprehensive testing approach, combining static analysis, exploratory testing, and regression testing, ensured that Personit application was secure, functional, and user-friendly. Our focus on efficient communication and collaboration with the client’s development team enabled us to meet the project’s tight deadlines and deliver a high-quality, secure application ready for market launch.

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